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Solutions Overview
Whether you're a corporate executive, a small business owner, a home user, an educator, or an ISP looking for new service offerings for your customers, White Pine has a solution to fit your needs, ways to work better, smarter, faster, to solve a problem, or even to do something you've never done before. White Pine has a range of videoconferencing and connectivity products that can be used in a variety of applications -- because a solution is not just a product, but how you use it.
Solutions for Business
Videoconferencing has never been so easy and cost-effective!
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Improve communication and collaboration, and save on corporate travel
Use desktop group conferencing for corporate meetings
Host corporate events or conferences online
Conduct corporate training over the Internet or intranet
Make telecommuting easy with remote conferencing
Put your sales people face to face with customers -- online!
Update legacy connectivity with browser-based emulation
Solutions for Home & Family
Use Internet video chat to keep in touch with family and friends
Save on long distance when your kids go off to college
Grandparents see and talk to grandkids -- even from far away
Parents who travel can read a bedtime story virtually
Keep in touch with friends, no matter where they are
Have an online reunion with the whole family
Meet new people or try online dating
Grandparents and grandkids can connect!
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Solutions for Education
Videoconferencing connects the world to your classroom!
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Use distance learning to attract new students and add value to education
Connect classrooms around the world for cultural exchange
Bring in guest speakers or lecturers
Teach classes over the Internet to increase enrollment
Provide instruction to children doing home schooling
Connect the schools in your district together
Set up mentoring programs or online parent/teacher conferences
Solutions for Service Providers
Attract and retain customers with value-added conferencing services
Facilitate desktop conferencing for corporate customers
Host pay-per-view online events
Offer video chat services to consumers
Host content-oriented group discussions
Build online user communities
Increase customer retention with new services

ISP's can do more with MeetingPoint and ClassPoint!

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