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White Pine Software Products Overview
White Pine offers Conferencing Software for enabling people to share live video, audio, data and more, as well as Connectivity Software for enabling users of PCs and Macs to access data on other computers. Our products are described below.  Click on a product name or logo for more information.


Conferencing Products

CU-SeeMe is White Pine’s award-winning Internet video chat software for interacting with others using full color video, audio, typed text, and whiteboard communications.

MeetingPoint™ Conference ServerMeetingPoint
MeetingPoint is White Pine’s H.323 standards-based videoconferencing server software.

ClassPoint™ ClassPoint
ClassPoint is the first distance learning software that is more than simply videoconferencing. It is an instructor-controlled learning environment with multipoint video and audio, instructor-led Web Tours, Web-based class setup and scheduling, shared whiteboard and much more.

Connectivity Products

WebTerm™ WebTerm
WebTerm™ Power Plug-ins for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer offer a revolutionary way for Windows and Mac OS users to access critical information found on corporate intranets using a Web browser.

WebTerm X™WebTerm X
WebTerm X Power Plug-ins enable Windows users to access X Window environments on UNIX and VMS systems.

eXodus software gives Mac OS users the power to seamlessly access a wealth of X Window applications residing on UNIX, VMS, and Windows NT host computers.

5PM Term™5pmTerm
When it comes to terminal emulation, White Pine’s 5PM Term is a reliable and feature-rich solution. Mac OS users can access data and applications residing on IBM mainframe, AS/400, UNIX, UNISYS, or HP legacy host systems.



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