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How to buy software
Consult the table below for ways to buy White Pine Products.
Purchase White Pine products from a Reseller near you.
Read the Summary of Purchase Options for more information.
Read our Customer Service Policy &  30-day Money-back Guarantee.
Need more information regarding software versions? See our Current Versions list.

Product Purchase Option
WebTerm X

Summary of Purchase Options

Buy online & download software
The World Wide Web has opened up a new purchasing option known as electronic commerce, or e-commerce. This technology allows you to make payment for goods right from your Web browser. White Pine has an e-commerce site which allows you to purchase a license and download software.

Having a license entitles you to own and use software. When you purchase a license, you are issued a unique serial number which can then be entered into the software program so that it will run without restrictions. For example, if you already have the latest CU-SeeMe software, your license enables you to use it without any time restrictions. If you don't already have the software, you can download it from our Web site after you purchase a license online, and you can start using it today!

If you prefer to have the software on CD-ROM, you can purchase this by using the "Order Online & Receive Package" option described below.

Buy online & receive packaged goods
Choose this option if you would like to place an order online, and then have a packaged product shipped to you. The order is placed online when you fill out a form in your Web browser. The order is then sent to our sales department for confirmation and fulfillment. Using this option, you can order complete packages of software, CD-ROMs, documentation, and even T-shirts.

Buy via fax & download software
If you are not comfortable with submitting credit card information over the Internet, then you can order via fax instead. Print out the Fax-Back order form from our Web page, complete the form, then fax it to the number listed on the form. Please note that if you are purchasing a license for CU-SeeMe your serial number will be e-mailed to you once your order is received. Depending on when your order is received and processed, we cannot guarantee that your serial number will be sent within the same day. For faster automated response, we recommend buying online and downloading the software.

Buy from retail store or catalog
Some retail stores and mail-order catalogs sell White Pine software. These include the following:

Retail Stores:

Best Buy (United States)
CompUSA  (United States and Canada)
Fry's Electronics (United States)

Mail Order Catalogs:

CompUSA Direct    800.266.7872
Creative Computers- Mac Mall Catalog  800.222.2808
Creative Computers- PC Mall Catalog  800.555.6255
PC Connection   800.367.7080
Softchoice Catalog   800.268.7638

Buy from international distributors
If you are interested in purchasing CU-SeeMe from a vendor outside of the United States or Canada, please see our list of international distributors.

Contact our sales department
You can contact our sales department directly to order White Pine products. If you wish to purchase CU-SeeMe, we request that you call our sales department only for volume orders ( 5 copies or more) or for site licenses.



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