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  About the company
  White Pine develops, markets and supports multi-platform browser-based
internetworking software that facilitates worldwide video and audio communication and data
collaboration across the Internet, intranets, extranets and other networks that use the
Internet Protocol. White Pine’s videoconferencing software products, CU-SeeMe® and
MeetingPoint™, create a client-server solution that allows users to participate in
real-time, multi-point video, audio and data conferences over the Internet and intranets.
Its new product, ClassPoint™, based on White Pine’s CU-SeeMe®, creates an
instructor-led virtual classroom which facilitates learning for any environment where the
instructor and students are in different locations.

Our Products:

CU-SeeMe®  Pro Videoconferencing
CU-SeeMe® Videoconferencing client
MeetingPoint™ Conference Server
ClassPoint™ for distance learning
WebTerm™ browser-based terminal emulation
WebTerm X™ browser-based and desktop
eXodus™ for Macintosh desktop X-server
5PM Term™ for Macintosh desktop terminal
emulation software

Corporate Facts:

Trading Symbol WPNE (NASDAQ)
Year Founded 1984
Key Executives Art Bruno, Chairman
Killko Caballero, President
Dave Bundy, CTO
Christine Cox, VP Finance
Jeff Krampf, VP Engineering
Lisa Christiansen, VP Technical Services
Number of
Target Markets Corporations, service providers,
organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, SOHO users and consumers.
Key Business
Internet communications, desktop
video and audio conferencing, intranet connectivity, host/legacy connectivity, networking
CU-SeeMe®, MeetingPoint, and
Press Contact: Tanya Prather
Director of Marketing Communications

Telephone 603.886.9050, extension 433
Internet invest@wpine.com
Other Contact Christine Cox, VP of Finance
SEC Filings Investor

Customers in
North America
Amgen Inc, Apple
Computer, Inc., AT&T Corp., Avid Technology, Boeing, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems,
CitiCorp, Corning Incorporated, Dartmouth Hitchcock, Duke Power Company, The Dow Chemical
Company, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company, Deere & Company, EDS, Genentech,
Grumman, Hallmark, Harris, Hughes Aircraft, Intracorp, J.P. Morgan & Co.,
Lockheed/Martin, MCI, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Inc., NASA, Oxford Health Plans, Pacific
Bell Directory, Polaroid, Raytheon, SNCF, So. California Edison, TRW Inc., U.S. Army Corps
of Engineers, U.S. West Inc. and U.S. Veterans Administration

Customers in
Airbus Industries
(France), Alcatel (France), Axel Springer (Germany), Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Finland
Telecom, Framatome (France), Groupe Accord (France), Hewlett-Packard (France), Kredietbank
N.V., Moret Ernst & Young (Netherlands), Oracle (France), Republica (Italy),
Schlumberger (GB), Thomson (France), Université de Lausanne, Volvo (Sweden).

Distributors and Strategic Partners
Attachmate Corp., BBN Planet Corp., Canon, Compaq, CompuServe Incorporated, Computer City,
CompUSA, Digital Equipment Corp., E92 Plus Ltd., Egghead, IDT, Ingram Micro, Inc.,
Insignia Solutions Inc., Merisel Inc., Microsoft, Netcentric, Nippon Telegraph and
Telephone, Panasonic, Philips, TCI, Tomen Electronics, Toshiba, Symantech, Tech Data
Corporation, Utopia Inc., Vivitar, Winnov Inc.

Awards (Please see
individual products for awards)
Recent Press
Available from the
following Web Page:



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